Just in time to go with new Indigo Girls album “One Lost Day,” Amy Ray is talking marriage. While fans hum to fresh tunes of love and loss, they can daydream about half of the hometown harmonies finally getting hitched right here in Georgia.

Ray’s album with longtime musical partner Emily Saliers dropped on Tuesday to the delight of rabid fans everywhere, especially locals proud to call the lesbian pair Atlanta’s own. These days, the singer-songwriter-producer juggles her varied music career with an 18-month-old daughter, a welcome addition to her family with partner of 13 years Carrie Schrader.

But though they’ve had opportunities, theirs is — gasp — a baby out of wedlock. We jest. Georgia won’t let them get married. Yet

That’s fine, because Ray doesn’t want to get married until the Decatur native can do so legally in her home state, she tells Slate.

“I’m holding out, because I don’t want to get married anywhere else.” 

As we’ve seen time and again, Ray waxes poetically with ease about queer and women’s issues, and time hasn’t softened her views.  Indigo Girls were out Grammy winners when the industry — and even much of the audience — wasn’t ready for them. Not bitter at all, Ray actually wishes they’d circled their wagons back to a mostly queer fanbase even earlier in their careers. 

“The only thing I’d change, maybe, is doing it earlier,” she tells Slate. “We weren’t being superstrategic. It was just my and Emily’s personal journey. … 

“We were so young, and our crowd grew up with us. There was a moment in time when that was still allowed to happen,” she said, adding of our current era of single downloads versus fully formed vinyl projects, It’s really hard to get a core audience like that anymore.”

Lucky for them, and for all those local ladies who can’t wait to see them perform again, it worked, even as a new song that may sum up their music in one title soars on lesbian playlists across the country. “Happy in the Sorrow Key” is available as a single in addition to the album. “One Lost Day” is on the Vanguard label.

All of the new personal tidbits and tunes are starting to come together in a cacophony. Sounds like a Georgia-grown wedding may soon be added to Ray’s life mix of babies, social justice advocacy, performances like Atlanta Pride, tuning up Indigo Girls' lesbian finder, and staunch support of queer artists.