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Frenchie Davis coming to Atlanta to fulfill her destiny

Frenchie Davis coming to Atlanta to fulfill her destiny

Grammy-nominated singer Frenchie Davis is closing in on 20 years in the music business, so she’ll be loaded with songs to belt out when she plays Out Front Theatre on Nov. 7.    READ MORE »

Gay Atlanta’s ‘Idol’ hip thrusts his way through boys night

Gay Atlanta’s ‘Idol’ hip thrusts his way through boys night

With a little disco and a lot of hip shaking and booty thrusting, gay Atlanta's Emmanuel Zidor delivered a powerful, if a little off kilter, vocal on "American Idol." Will it be enough to convince voters to keep him around?    READ MORE »

America’s other openly gay ‘Idol’ nails live performance

America’s other openly gay ‘Idol’ nails live performance

"American Idol's" other openly gay contestant – don't confuse her with gay Atlanta's semi-finalist – stunned with an intimate performance on Wednesday during the show's first live episode. Her two moms approved.    READ MORE »

Gay Atlanta man nabs Top 31 spot on ‘Idol’

From barely surviving to now thriving, gay Atlanta's Emmanuel Zidor won a spot Wednesday as one of 31 semifinalists on "American Idol." And a possible walk-off with judge Jennifer Lopez.    READ MORE »

Atlanta’s gay ‘Idol’ contestant barely survives

Gay Atlanta's eye-rolling "American Idol" contestant barely survived a "Destiny's Child" remake on Thursday, sneaking into the next round thanks to the good graces of Harry Connick, Jr.    READ MORE »

Emmanuel Zidor delivers gay eye roll realness to ‘Idol’

Emmanuel Zidor delivers gay eye roll realness to ‘Idol’

Emmanuel Zidor is bringing the eye rolls to "American Idol" as the gay Atlanta man delivers "extremely fierce" realness while also finding himself smack in the middle of drama, confrontation and troubles.    READ MORE »

Meet gay Atlanta’s best hope to become next ‘American Idol’

Meet gay Atlanta’s best hope to become next ‘American Idol’

Try, try again Emmanuel Zidor. The gay Atlanta singer and Delta Air Lines ramp worker didn't make "American Idol" when he auditioned last season. When he tried again last week? Yep, he's going to Hollywood.    READ MORE »

Adam Lambert to hit Atlanta as Queen frontman?

Glambertini’s rejoice! The U.K.’s Daily Star confirms that rockin’ gay “American Idol” alum Adam Lambert will tour this summer with Queen and says that he is honored to pay tribute to Freddie Mercury.    READ MORE »

Project ‘Idol’: Scotty, Lauren and finale from hell

“American Idol” finales are usually larger-than-life spectacles with good surprises and tantalizing performances that bring the season to its best conclusion. Thursday was not one of them.    READ MORE »

Project ‘Idol’: Top 2 sing toward finale title

In the booming cacophony of Nokia Theatre, Wednesday’s final “American Idol” felt like an aging skyscraper's express elevator: cross fingers, get there quickly, and to hell with all floors in between.    READ MORE »

Project ‘Idol’: Elimination reveals finale’s Top 2

At once emotional and forgettable, Thursday’s “American Idol” results bonanza–the final show before the grand poo-bah season finale–basked in 95 million votes and two worthy finalists.    READ MORE »

Project ‘Idol’: Top 3 sing three toward Final 2

Wednesday’s “American Idol” was a bizarre confluence of stage drama: Haley's conspicuous fall; Lauren's “lost in modulation”; and Scotty's lost way in a melody clearly too boring to remember.    READ MORE »

Project ‘Idol’: Final 4 results reveal Top 3

With the kind of laudable kudos he received, you’d be surprised that Thursday’s dismissed “American Idol” contestant was ever in real trouble. Which is part of “Idol’s” problem this season.    READ MORE »

Project ‘Idol’: Final 4 sing toward Top 3

After Wednesday’s Final 4 “American Idol,” one thing is clear: Lady Gaga reads “Project ‘Idol’” religiously. We’ll get to that. First, the competition that’s getting tighter by the week.    READ MORE »

Project ‘Idol’: Top 5 results reveal Top 4

As "American Idol" contestants were reduced to four, Lady Antebellum showed the “Idol” newbies great examples of what it looks like to achieve the success that the contestants are seeking.    READ MORE »

Project ‘Idol’: Top 5 sing for their spot

With the “American Idol” finale just three weeks away, the Top 5 took the stage to see “who is in it to win it." After two performances from each singer, results once again landed all over the map.    READ MORE »

Project ‘Idol’: Top 6 results reveal Top 5

As “American Idol” whittled itself down Thursday, questions lingered: Did Jimmy Iovine take bitch pills? Will Haley survive another elimination? Will Jacob queen out again? Did JLo really need those tassels?    READ MORE »

Project ‘Idol’: Top 6 sing Carole King songbook

The tornadoes ripping through the South on Wednesday were a Mother Nature metaphor for “American Idol,” which gave us wildly unpredictable and maddeningly uneven performances.    READ MORE »

Project ‘Idol’: Top 7 results reveal Top 6

Thursday’s “American Idol” results kicked off with one of the most catastrophic fashion experiments this season: Haley Reinhart in an Aquaman-meets-bad-stewardess drag queen costume.    READ MORE »

Project ‘Idol’: Top 7 sing 21st Century songs

The only thing consistent from last week on Wednesday’s “American Idol” was JLo’s fashion grade: D. Her two-tone short suit was just awful. The rest of the show left me shaking my head, too.    READ MORE »