VIEW MORE PHOTOS | Wild Cherry Sucret’s Birthday @ Bliss

imageTo grasp the charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent that is gay Atlanta’s Tony Kearney, aka Wild Cherry Sucret, one need only look as far as his drag, stripper, cute boy birthday party last week.

Kearney himself (top photo, left), the former Armorette and current entertainment co-chair for Atlanta Pride, didn’t don Wild Cherry drag for the event, but plenty of his guests certainly did. The celebration drew former, current and non-Armorettes in dresses as well as tons of handsome men and even a few of Kearney’s real-lady friends to rub elbows and other body parts with the male entertainment at Bliss Atlanta.

imageIt’s not the first time the strip club mixed drag and naked guys. The club’s charitable events sharing proceeds with non-profits began when the Beauties of Bliss (view photos) went down last month to benefit Pets Are Loving Support.

Two more birthday bases are coming up for Bliss. The club and its luscious dancers play host to Mikel Cain’s Birthday Party on Wednesday, Jan. 18 and are gearing up for a Bubba D. Licous Birthday Party on Jan. 25. Both events are open to the public.

Photos by Randall Carpenter