imageSupporters of Positive Impact took their sweet tooth to the Granite Room in Castleberry Hill on Saturday for the 16th rendition of Parties With Impact, a popular dessert reception that raises funds for the HIV non-profit.

In fact, the evening was more than a reception. It’s actually a set of parties with multiple hosts that invite friends and Positive Impact supporters to their homes for dinner. Then all of the gatherings come together for an upscale dessert reception to hob knob with Positive Impact folks, including its executive director, Paul Plate (top photo); drink—we did say open bar, right?; listen to the croonings of Alexis Vear; and preview some art.

imageYou’ll see that art again when ARTvision kicks off next month with the work of Will Pollock (bottom photo), among others.

While other AIDS agencies focus on the much-needed physical health issues people infected with HIV face, Positive Impact directs its attention to mental health issues that arise, not just for infected people, but also people affected by the disease in other ways, like caregivers.

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