She wasn’t stymied by lamb balls or pigeonholed by her Southern cuisine. But Atlanta chef and lesbian Virginia Willis was “Chopped” on Tuesday thanks to a sorbet that just wasn’t sweet enough for the foodie judges.

So much for snatching that Dyke Of Deliciousness title from gay Atlanta chef and last week’s “Chopped” champion Ria Pell.

Willis’ “Bird in the Pan” debut aired Tuesday on the Food Network’s “Chopped” and even with a dropped fork in the ice cream machine, Willis delighted us with her Southern charm and the talent she displayed in the “Chopped” kitchen (video above). Watching the local lesbian chef handle what’s probably her first set of balls was a delicious treat, too.

“I’m disappointed but I do feel that I was able to do a really good job just not quite good enough,” Willis says after being chopped in the final round.