Atlanta's own Violet Chachki is in this to snatch herself another "RuPaul's Drag Race" crown. And she showed Monday that she can read with the best of these queens.

Chachki nailed the "Reading is Fundamental" mini challenge and laughed off barbs from her competitors, even when they hit a little too close to home.

"I don't believe the rumors. I don't believe you took Sharon Needles' crown. I don't believe you're taking this one either," Trixie Mattel said during the challenge. 

Chachki swiped the crown in November 2012 during Needles' appearance at Jungle. Allegedly. It's been part of "Drag Race" lore since. 

But never mind that. Chachki exacted her revenge when it came time for her to read the other queens (watch above).

Chachki coasted through the rest of the episode, ending up safe. That means she's gone deeper in the competition than any of the five Atlanta queens before her. It also put her in the final six. Yes, she's a bad ass bitch.