Violet Chachki continued her "RuPaul's Drag Race" dominance on Monday, steam-rolling right into the finale as a less bitchy, more compassionate version of herself.

Our Atlanta girl has notched three wins this season, as many as Ginger Minj and one more than Pearl. After Monday's episode, all three are in the finale. It's been a roller coaster ride of self-exploration for Atlanta's baddest bitch, from nailing her debut, clawing with Michelle Visage, getting hated on and by Monday's episode, digging deep as she completes a transformation to a more seasoned performer better able to check her over-the-top confidence and bitchiness. Pretty impressive for a 22-year-old queen.

"I already feel like I am America's Next Drag Superstar and I've been telling myself that for a really long time now. I've always looked up to myself. The only real validation I've ever looked for is from this show," Chachki told the judges. (Watch a supercut of her best moments from Monday's show above.)

And just how much has Chachki changed over 12 episodes this season? When Kennedy Davenport and Ginger came for her with their criticism of why Chachki shouldn't win the crown, Ginger also knocked her people skills and then dropped this: "You don't want to be known as being a bitch. That's it."

Chachki listened, accepted the criticism and continued applying her face. Earlier in the season, those taunting comments would have erupted into a draglicious fight.

All along the way, Chachki is making "Drag Race" history. She's gone further than any of the other five Atlanta queens picked for the show. She's just one of five competitors to win two consecutive challenges and just the sixth contestant in the show's history to reach the finale without having to lip synch for her drag life to avoid elimination.

Chachki – fresh off a performance at South Beach in Houston – jetted to L.A. on Friday for RuPaul's Drag Con and then the taping of the grand finale on Tuesday at the Orpheum Theatre. But it's drag, so this thing stretches out another two weeks – "Countdown to the Crown" airs May 25 and the winner is crowned on June 1. 

Let's just give it to our Atlanta girl. She's earned it. And she's already got the crown.