Atlanta's own Violet Chachki landed on "RuPaul's Drag Race" with the claws out, an attitude-filled approach that didn't sit well with the other ladies. Everyone hated her. Until now.

This queen keeps nailing challenges, including Monday's mini prison-themed fashion show and the conjoined queens main event that followed. (Watch video) She hasn't won a challenge since the Season 7 opener, but she's stayed safe for the last three weeks. And Chachki is one of just two queens left who hasn't bottomed.

Better yet, she's doing it all while not pissing off judges and competitors. Now that's a switch.

Also, consider this nuggest of Atlanta drag lore: As the city's latest "Drag Race" entrant, Chachki is just an episode away from lasting longer than any other local queen. If she survives episode 9, that record is hers. Last season, Trinity K. Bonet was eliminated in episode 9, making it further than any Atlanta performer on the show – Nicole Paige Brooks (Season 2, episode 2), Sonique (Season 2, episode 4), Phoenix (Season 3, episode 2) and Mariah (Season 3, episode 6).

But we know this bad bitch. She's a serious contender for her own crown, not that one she stole from Sharon Needles. Allegedly.