What’s on your calendar for today? Nothing as exciting as this nugget from Ken Britt’s schedule: Meet POTUS during Atlanta campaign swing. That’s President of the United States for you gays not in the know.

While you get stuck in traffic thanks to President Obama’s motorcade moving about Atlanta today, longtime politico and current gay candidate Britt is meeting the Commander-in-Chief after a campaign briefing downtown.

Attending a special Obama for America briefing at the Westin downtown and then meeting the President and hearing him speak! We must re-elect President Obama.

It’s part of a growing tradition of Atlanta’s gays meeting with POTUS and FLOTUS. Georgia Equality’s Jeff Graham hugged it up with the First Lady in April, the Health Initiative’s Linda Ellis and her family searched for Easter Eggs on the White House lawn, Graham and a gaggle of gays enjoyed Obama’s White House Pride reception last year and several gay military types were on hand as Obama signed the repeal of “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” in December 2010.

What’s Britt—running against former state Rep. “Able” Mable Thomas for the District 56 seat—going to discuss during his few seconds with the country’s latest gay marriage convert? Hopefully, the president’s path to evolution into supporting marriage equality. If they talk loud enough, maybe Mayor Kasim Reed will overhear them. The mayor is leading the city’s entourage meeting with Obama and is still stuck in neutral when it comes to backing same-sex marriage.

Or Britt could debrief Reed on Wednesday. That’s when he and the mayor – along with LGBT activists Charlie Stadtlander, Lawrie Demorest, Rev. Dennis Meredith and Doug Brooks – meet in a closed-door session to discuss the mayor’s position on gay marriage.

But first, the Varsity. The AJC is tracking Obama’s visit minute-by-minute.