When you teach others how to get fit, you better bring your A-game. And when you jog through gay Atlanta in nothing more than a Speedo, you better look the part. Meet Keith Walker. He does both.

Walker owns CrossFit IDentity, a fitness studio in northeast Atlanta, and has a passion for helping others tap their fitness potential. He packs a Speedo pretty well, too, taking part in the 5th Annual Atlanta Santa Speedo Run in December. So yes, Walker loves to stay active.

"Being a CrossFit gym owner takes up most of my time, but fortunately for me I love what I do," Walker says.

What got you so focused on fitness?

I have always enjoyed being active and fit. The results of feeling good and keeping my body in good shape made me focus on a dedicated lifetime pursuit of always being active.

The diet: Ditch the bread

I eat a lot of meat, salads, some fruit and little sugar. I try to stay away from breads and pasta. I love to cook. But when I dine out I'm almost always smart about it.

The workout: Stay engaged

I am a CrossFit box owner and I do CrossFit about four times a week, sometimes five. Because CrossFit is so varied and the workouts differ every day, I find it easy to stay engaged and not get bored. If I want to keep it "fresh," I do workouts with my friends or my members. Sometimes I will take a break from the gym and get creative and do workouts outside.

Biggest challenge: Balance

I think finding a life balance is difficult. I define “fit” as being more than just physically fit, but mentally fit with a mind and body balance. Managing all aspects of life such as nutrition, work, training, stress and personal life is the challenge.

Your motivation: Passion to help

My motivation is dedication to myself and my members. I believe in what I do and if I don’t practice what I preach then how does that make me look as a leader and owner of a gym? I have a passion for what I do, which is helping others on their road to good health and well-being. This is what drives me.

Final fitness thoughts: Challenge yourself

Find something you really enjoy that will keep you active and engaged. It can be a sport or a workout regime that challenges you. I can tell you one thing for sure -- there is no easy route to staying fit and looking great. It takes work and dedication and self-discipline. Learn that now and accept it. There are no short-cuts.

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