imageThose silly straight folks continued to make a mockery of marriage on Monday, this time before the Georgia Supreme Court.

Sheree Whitfield, one of the attitude-driven members of Bravo’s “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” pushed her divorce case to the high court on Monday, before dismissing her appeal of a divorce settlement at the last minute. The legal tussle just adds to the drama and fans of the show here are getting a bonus, just like what you might find as extras on a DVD release of the show’s first season.

Whitfield now says appealing the 2007 divorce judgment was useless, claiming her ex-husband Bob Whitfield, who made millions while with the Atlanta Falcons, was broke and squandered his fortune.

Enjoy this nugget from media coverage of filings in the case:

Her attorneys have painted her as a high school graduate with limited skills to earn income. If the settlement remains the same, she won’t be able to stay at her $2.6 million home. She receives $113,422 a year from the divorce, not enough for her to live the lifestyle she’s used to and clearly not at the level that the hit Bravo show conveys. Sheree also received a lump sum of $775,000, shares of Whitfield’s retirement pension, nearly half the marital property and child support.

It’s gong to be interesting to see how Whitfield works around the “limited skills” argument as she attempts to launch her clothing line when season two hits Bravo.

Speaking of “Real Housewive,” Whitfield and NeNe Leakes, who’s had her own housing troubles, will appear at separate gay parties over MLK weekend. Whitfield is scheduled to appear at “Winter Meltdown” at the Lion’s Den on Jan 18, while Leakes is set for Club 708 on Jan. 17.