Do the queer Atlanta Indepen-Dance in Q’s July 4 issue

Hopefully we’ve all had some sleep after wrapping up Stonewall Month with Atlanta’s second-biggest weekend of the year, but Q magazine, all of queer Atlanta, the drive for equality, and the events calendar aren’t about to let you rest on your laurels.

The holigay weekend, th movement toward full equality, as well as literal movement itself, are on our dance card in this issue.

With Thursday's Indepence holigay, the bars have special-themed dances set for Wednesday night and keep the pace through the long weekend. The best events of the whole week are in The Queer Agenda calendar.

LGBTQ indepen-dance is also beautifully illustrated in this week’s Q photo essay by Q contributor James L. Hicks. He trains his lens on local queer dance instructors, and I interview each one for their approach to their art.

With Stonewall in the rear-view, developments in news and issues trod ever forward into the next 50 years of the movement in Q News, and a little continuing education is laid out in this week’s 10 Queer Things.

Since the political is always personal, Vince Shifflett’s version of independence battles his dependence, and sometimes even co-dependence in Q Voices. We also keep things personal for you in Q Shots photo galleries and in The Q advice column.

When you’re done perusing and waiting for next week's issue, click on our homepage every day for fresh content, and hit me up if you need me at [email protected]

Let freedom ring, and read the full issue online here:

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