You can learn a lot from a porn star, so we checked in with queer Atlanta guy Charlie Harding who likes to eat off camera almost as much as he likes to do his sexy stuff and drop his jock in front of one. Here’s a few things we learned.

Harding is a prolific tweeter, which is not surprising since Facebook tends to frown on the sort of stuff that sex film actors like to post about. But he’s recently revived his blog (NSFW) to offer rants on whatever is on his mind and photos that offend Facebook’s sensibilities. Peruse both for some fun tips and insight.

He’s a workout fiend.


He likes his body art and isn’t shy about showing it to you.

All of that working out means his gym shoes stink.


And he refuses to wash them.


He enjoys a little PDA at the Eagle.


He doesn’t mind a crowd.


Some of his photos are banned by Facebook. But not us.

Beware if you spot him at a traffic light.