Court rules for trans Ga. official

imageThe Georgia Supreme Court today ruled in favor of Michelle Bruce, a transgendered former member of the Riverdale City Council who faced a lawsuit over allegations that she misled constituents.

The Georgia Supreme Court's unanimous ruling on Monday found that the two political opponents who filed the lawsuit failed to produce evidence of fraud, misconduct or illegal action after claiming that Michelle Bruce bamboozled voters by identifying herself as female.

"This is a great victory for me and anyone who believes in equality," Bruce said in a statement. "It gives me hope that the Georgia Supreme Court did what was right and did not buy into hate-based politics."

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Pride announces late June festival

Sometimes in news, the first information isn't always the best.

That's the case with the announcement today that the Atlanta Pride Festival will be held in late June 2009.

Yesterday, Project Q Atlanta reported that the festival was set for June 19-21, based on information posted on the Atlanta Pride Committee's web site. But apparently, those dates were released prematurely and Pride officials retracted them this morning.

In a release issued earlier today, Pride formally announced the dates -- this time, for real -- June 26-28. Those dates return the festival to its traditional late June home and put it on the anniversary of the Stonewall Riots, the event pointed to as the beginning of the modern gay civil rights era.

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image Pride 2009 goes to Central Park.
Gays for Obama rally the vote.
Social Tuesdays premiere a hit.
ZAMI (photo) honors scholars and activists.
David Atlanta celebrates 10 years.
Gay group gets cranky with McCain.
GLBT History kicks off.
Number of gay candidates tops 100 in '08 cycle.
There's smooching all over the place.
Vote early and vote often.
Bravo keeps 'Project Runway' for now.
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Pride 2009 goes to Central Park

The Atlanta Pride Festival shifts to Central Park next year, taking advantage of indoor space from the Atlanta Civic Center and the outdoor venues that festival-goers seems to enjoy so much.

The decision came this morning as Pride officials huddled with organizers of other large-scale festivals that were all booted from Piedmont Park this year over the city's drought-related restrictions.

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Bucks prep for home opener

imageThe Atlanta Bucks Rugby Football Club is still a little hungry.

Not content to sit back and reflect on their trophy from the Bingham Cup last summer, the club is pushing ahead and working to improve as they dig into their fall season. The Bucks open their home schedule on Saturday at 1 p.m. against the Nashville Grizzlies.

The match could provide the boost the Bucks (1-1) need this season. In two spring matches, the Bucks owned the gay Grizzlies, beating them 62-0 in March and 51-3 in February.    READ MORE »

David Atlanta celebrates 10 years

imageThe boys at David Atlanta magazine are celebrating 10 years of documenting the best in gay nightlife, trends and happenings this week with a big, fat anniversary issue.

A few notes of interest:

  • David reflects while listening to the 100 Gayest Songs of the last 10 years.
  • Ten years of "[email protected]"
  • 10 years of David Atlanta covers.
  • The more things change ...
  • David commemorates the early years through the eyes of a visionary who was there.    READ MORE »

  • Gay group gets cranky with McCain

    imageWith about a month to go before we pick a new president, the stakes are high. So it's no wonder that the Human Rights Campaign is a bit cranky when it comes to John McCain.

    The group condemned McCain for his answers in a gay press Q&A this week.

    "John McCain’s answers to those well written questions do nothing but insult the intelligence of the LGBT community," says Joe Solmonese (photo), HRC's president. "Senator McCain’s double speak fools no one. At the end of the day, his policies haven’t changed at all."

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    Is anyone watching the WNBA?

    The numbers are in for the WNBA season and while they are up year over year, they aren't all that impressive.

    The WNBA concluded its 12th regular season with increases in attendance -- including a record-setting 46 sellouts -- a 19% increase in TV ratings, and new records for traffic. In addition, the league formed new marketing partnerships with several leading companies including McDonald's, Kia Motors and Pitney Bowes.

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    GLBT History: Del Martin & Phyllis Lyon

    As part of GLBT History Month in October, Project Q Atlanta has partnered with the Equality Forum for a daily dose of our history.

    Equality Forum is providing a video clip each day profiling an icon of gay history. The series, which appears on the main page of Project Q Atlanta, starts with Del Martin and Phyllis Lyon.

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    Number of gay candidates tops 100

    imageThe Washington, D.C.-based Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund announced today that it has endorsed 100 openly gay, lesbian and transgender candidates across the U.S. this year, the group's largest-ever slate of candidates.

    “I think reaching this milestone is a testament to a new attitude in our community about how to achieve political change," says Chuck Wolfe, the Victory Fund's president and CEO.

    "We don’t have to accept sitting on the sidelines and hoping others will do the heavy lifting. We can roll up our sleeves and do it ourselves," he added.

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    There’s smooching all over the place

    The usual gossip over who's kissing who takes an odd twist this week -- even for Hollywood.

    imageFirst, there's Sean Penn. He's in the lead role for "Milk" about the assassinated San Francisco supervisor and gets to plant a peck on James Franco (photo), the uber hot Hollywood actor of "Spider-Man" fame.

    After the exchange, Penn was so excited that he called former wife Madonna, who has kissed off her brother for his new tell-all book.

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    Tweet, Twitter and Facebook with us

    We've gone the way of social media and now there's more ways to follow the latest on Project Q Atlanta.

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    Tweet, Twitter and Facebook with us

    We've gone the way of social media and now there's more ways to follow the latest on Project Q Atlanta.

    Find out how after the jump.    READ MORE »

    Bravo keeps ‘Project Runway’ for now

    imageIn fashion, one day you are in and the next day you are out. Seems like a handy cliche for the producers of "Project Runway."

    They wanted to bolt from NBC's Bravo after season five concludes in a few weeks and take the show to Lifetime, eliciting groans from gay fans concerned over the fate of the popular show.

    On Friday, a New York judge ruled that the show stays put -- for now.

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    Zoo mixer set for this evening

    imageThe Atlanta Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce takes a walk on the wild side tonight.

    The group hosts its "4th Friday Mixer" at Zoo Atlanta tonight from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. to give their monthly event a little extra twist. AGLCC is partnering with the Atlanta Executive Network for the event, which is sponsored by Friends of Anne Fauver. She is running for re-election to represent the heavily-gay District 6 on the Atlanta City Council.

    The mixer is $15 for AGLCC members and $20 for non-members. And bring cash for the bar; there's not an ATM on site.    READ MORE »

    Poll: Bias policies matter most

    When it comes to what's most important to you in picking a place to work, whether a firm has non-discrimination policies including sexual orientation is most important.

    That's according to the results of the latest Quick Poll by Project Q Atlanta, which focused on the six factors the Corporate Equality Index uses to rate the gay- and trans-friendliness of Fortune 500 companies.

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    Gay ‘Survivor’ makes debut tonight

    imageGay attorney and marathon runner Charlie Herschel is one of 18 participants in the newest edition of "Survivor: Gabon" that premieres tonight and the latest edition to the show's list of openly gay competitors.

    It's an experience the 29-year-old New Yorker has relished since the CBS show premiered 17 seasons ago.

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    Claymates come out with support

    imageReaction continues to dribble in to Clay Aiken's surprising coming out in People. Well, surprising only in that he finally stated the obvious.

    But nonetheless, Aiken's getting lots of support, including from some locals who are fans or fellow "American Idol" competitors.

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    G-Braves go with Chopper

    imageSomehow we missed this. We've stayed on top of the all-critical search by the Gwinnett Braves to create and name a new mascot in advance of the 2009 season just so we can poke fun at it along the way.

    Earlier this month, the team -- with fans voting -- named its whistlepig Chopper. With the look of large-headed furry thing, our pick was more along the lines of Goober. But we weren't asked.

    Chopper won out over Shadow and Pop-Up in a name the mascot contest for its portly, cartoonish groundhog. Chopper, submitted by Jim Bennett of Lilburn, was the fan favorite during online voting. The three final names were selected from the 4,396 entries.

    Chopper is inspired by General Beauregard Lee, Ph.D., the groundhog star of the Yellow River Game Ranch in Lilburn and “Georgia’s Official Weather Prognosticator” fortelling the coming of spring.

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    Prop 8 opponents release first TV ad

    No on Prop 8 has released its first television spot for the campaign against the anti-gay ballot measure.

    Our first TV ad from No On 8. Sam and Julia Thoron offer a heartfelt message about their daughter, Liz, whose right to marry the person she loves will be eliminated if Prop 8 passes.

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