Bucks swap scrums for drag in annual benefit

imageThe Atlanta Bucks Rugby Football Club dropped its uniforms for drag on Dec. 6 for a good cause.

The fourth rendition of the Miss Ruck & Maul pageant benefitted the Bucks and Jerusalem House. It was a way for the Bucks to show off their softer side, since the club finished its fall season in late November.

View the Project Q Atlanta photo album from the event. View more photos from the event. (Photos courtesy Atlanta Bucks.)

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Lewis Hamilton, band, bachelors, Larry Craig

image British "Esquire" says Lewis Hamilton is "Bigger Than Beckham."
Light up the night for equality.
No gay "Bromance" for Brody Jenner?
Alliance Defense Fund releases ridiculous end-of-year video.
Readers have choice words (pro and con) on Prop. 8.
Obama's gay band linked to lewdness.
What can gay parents be thankful for?
There's nothing like a bachelor auction to raise money for sports groups during a recession.
Sarah Palin talks about church fire and defends "ex-gay" program.
The last humiliations of Larry Craig.    READ MORE »

Gay business groups celebrate holidays

imageIt's that holiday party time of the year.

The Atlanta Executive Network and the Atlanta Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce took part, offering festivities of their own last week. AEN hosted its holiday party at Trois in Midtown, while AGLCC ventured downtown to the Wine Loft (photo)

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Hotlanta Volleyball readies for busy January

imageThe Hotlanta Volleyball Association is warming up.

The gay volleyball group launched a new web site on Monday, just a few weeks ahead of a new tournament set for Jan. 10, and is already making plans for their spring season.

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Rachel Maddow, Clay Aiken, gay hockey

image MSNBC's lesbian Rachel Maddow (photo) in Vogue (along with Katie Couric and Campbell Brown).
Obama's new school chief Arne Duncan supported creating gay high school in Chicago.
This gay week in television: Clay Aiken, Carson Kressley and more.
Gay is not the new black.
Another Defender of the Sanctity of Marriage, for your viewing pleasure.
Bishop Harry Jackson continues gay-bash media tour on CBN.
Gay-straight hockey event may be canceled.
New York recognizes non-bio parents.
Prop 8 campaign based on fears and lies.
The Becket Fund and character assassination by innuendo.    READ MORE »

Pampering the pup with a set of stairs

imageRecession be damned. My dog needs a staircase for the bed.

Pets are like people for most of us, especially in our gay families. So it's no surprise that as the bedding industry has raised the height of its products, the pet stairs business is booming. There's a medical reason, of course, as vets are seeing more dog injuries as they jump from high beds without fear. But there seems to be a bit of pampering at play, too.

Even amid the downturn, pet stairs are strong sellers. "From day one through today our pet segment has been steady, growing by 10% annually," says Joel Lederhause, owner of Discount Ramps.Com, which about five years ago added pet ramps to a wide range it sells for other purposes.

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David Archuleta, Lifetime, Tom Brady

image David Archuleta (photo) gets poked by Lady Gaga.
"Top Chef" and Top "Bear" Tom Colicchio sued over tips.
Lifetime looking for lesbian moms for new series.
It's pay-to-gay time.
Tom Brady condoms (ahem) coming soon?
HRC's balls are only good for dancing.
Video: Crist-mass protest.
Joseph Farah is a noted homosexual.
The gay glass ceiling.
How Kate Perry almost won me over.

Gays rally for equal rights at Atlanta malls

imageAbout 50 gay and lesbian protestors marched through a busy intersection on Saturday afternoon to call attention to marriage equality.

"All I Want for Christmas is Equal Rights" was the second day of action in metro Atlanta since California voters approved Proposition 8. The measure overturned a court ruling allowing same-sex marriage. The Nov. 4 vote in California sparked protests across the country, including two events in metro Atlanta that attracted an estimated 1,500 people to the State Capitol and a candlelight vigil that drew hundreds to the intersection of Piedmont Avenue and 10th Street.

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Lesbian moms, nightlife stud, Soft Complex

image No on "Gay is Black."
Visanthe Shiancoe gets a porno offer.
Gay nightlife magazine in Washington, D.C. names Austin Allan (photo) "Nightlife Coverboy of the Year."
Misinterpreted: Urban Outfitters.
Arrests in case of anti-gay soccer taunts.
Steps to enjoy the holiday eats.
Soft Complex's Shane German: The New Gay interview.
"Battlestar Galactica" to out two characters.
Lesbian moms, stat!
Half naked dancing gay boys.

PALS Bingo tackles Christmahanakiuzaka

imageSome holiday spirit showed through on Wednesday during Christmahanakiuzaka Bingo.

There were drag queens in holiday garb and a selection of Santa hats worn by bingo attendees in an evening titled to encompass Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa. The event, hosted by Bubba D. Licious (photo), helps PALS provide pet care, including free food and basic veterinary care, and support to the companion pets of critically ill and disabled Atlantans.

View the Project Q Atlanta photo album from the event.

You can also check out photos from past events, including Family Night Bingo on Nov. 12, Rodeo Bingo on Oct. 7 and Pretty in Pink Bingo on Sept. 10.

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‘Real World,’ Agnes Scott, Showtime, hockey

image "Real World Brooklyn" transgendered cast member Katelynn (photo) should set her Livejournal to private.
Agnes Scott College: Lesbians until graduation?
My letter to President-Elect Obama.
Gay marriage: Out of the bedroom and into the living room.
"Way Out": Showtime developing reality show about coming out.
Fashion faux pas: A Graham Harrell Christmas.
Who will save America's gay hockey team?
Homoerotic hazings alleged at Arizona Cheesecake Factory.
Day Three of the Right’s War on Newsweek.
Wanda Sykes talks Prop. 8 on "The Tonight Show."

Ricky Martin, Fox, Jon Stewart, teachers

image Ricky Martin (photo) shows off his twins.
Are you calling in gay to work today?
New project brings PFLAG parents into schools.
There's nothing quite like a gay Aussie surf camp.
Jon Stewart slays the homophobic Huckabeast without breaking a sweat.
Mormons advertise on lesbian site.
Fox apologizes after on-air Vikings locker room full frontal.
What makes a great teacher?
U.S. missing in action on United Nations declaration on gay human rights.
Gay marriage is an issue of financial stability.

Hey boss! It’s ‘Day Without a Gay’ today

imageIf you haven't noticed, it's "Day Without a Gay" today. It's becoming the not-so-successful follow-up to the widely popular series of rallies held across the country on Nov. 15.

Those protests, which included five across Georgia, were organized by Join the Impact, an online effort that galvanized after Prop. 8 was approved by California voters in November. The measure overturned the legalization of same-sex unions in the state.

Today, organizers are asking gay and lesbian employees to call in "gay" and take the day off work to demonstrate our numbers and economic impact. The boycott has gained national attention in the media, though it's tough to quantify the success of this boycott.

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Atlanta activist tapped to co-chair HRC board

Ken Britt, a longtime player in Atlanta's elite gay circles, has been tapped to co-chair the board of directors of the Human Rights Campaign.

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Marcus Lloyd, Day Without Gay, Prop 8

image Responses vary to Wednesday's planned "Day Without a Gay."
Are too many gays spoiling 'A Day Without a Gay'?
Jeff Garcia 'loves to date hot quarterbacks.'
Newt: my 'gay fascism' comments were 'narrowly focused.'
Marcus Lloyd strips down to underwear for new polaroids. (photo)
Essay contest gives high schoolers chance to explore intersection of federal courts and education.
Prop 8 approval leads to closure of gay publication in Los Angeles.
A collection of news and fun stuff in the LGBT parenting roundup.
Marriage Poll! (because it worked out so well last time).
An attack on love.    READ MORE »

Potty woes: Craig, Allen sting appeals denied

imageUPDATED | 3:13 p.m.

Sen. Larry Craig's (photo) potty troubles continue as a three-judge panel of the Minnesota Court of Appeals on Tuesday rejected his bid to throw out his conviction.

Craig was arrested in June 2007 in a Minneapolis airport bathroom stall by an undercover officer who said the senator solicited sex.

He pleaded guilty to the misdemeanor and paid a fine, but changed his mind after word of his arrest became public. Craig insisted he was innocent, but the case effectively ended his political career.

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More props for Toy Party & Silent Auction

That the Toy Party was a resounding success on Sunday is not a surprise. In its sixth year, the annual toy drive delivers thousands of presents to its beneficiaries each time thousands of gay men and lesbians (and others) attend.

(View the Project Q Atlanta photo album and read Monday's post about the event.)

But the event also received a mention in Peach Buzz, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution's entertainment, buzz and gossip column.

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Panelists to link gay, human rights struggles

A panel of gay and human rights activists will discuss how the struggle for gay equality connects to the larger battle for human rights across the globe during an event on Tuesday.

"From Prop. 8 to Yogyakarta: LGBT Rights are Human Rights" kicks off at 7 p.m. on Dec. 9 and includes representatives from Amnesty International, Georgia Equality, the International Lesbian & Gay Association, Lambda Legal and the Georgia Association of Latino Elected Officials.

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Toy Party draws thousands for charity

imageThe gay elves are still counting toys and collecting cash, but the buzz from the Toy Party & Silent Auction on Sunday shows that organizers continued their Midas touch.

A few thousand people filled an expansive atrium at the AmericasMart in downtown Atlanta for the gay charity event of the season, bringing with them scores of toys to gain admission to the sixth annual rendition of what started as the little house party that could and grew into the massive benefit that it is today (or was on Sunday night).

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