imageLesbian rockers Indigo Girls are out making the rounds to promote their new album, “Poseidon and the Bitter Bug.”

To celebrate the March 24 release, they performed at Criminal Records in Atlanta. Now, they are featured in the April issue of Atlanta Magazine.

Creative partnerships are like Hollywood marriages; everyone is always so surprised when one actually lasts. Your partnership has survived decades of industry strain. How do you maintain it while other famous artistic partnerships fall apart?

Amy: At first it’s always a little difficult to understand how the other person is going to work into your song, and vice versa, but we’ve done it so much now that we just have to keep plowing through and trust that the song is going to work out better as a duo than as a single. So I think it’s that faith, and giving each other a lot of space. We don’t hang out a lot together, but we enjoy each other’s company. So when we’re on the road together it’s great; it’s like family. And we miss each other when we aren’t hanging out together, and that’s nice.

Emily: Well, there are many things that keep us together. We are old friends. We’ve known each other since childhood. We love each other like family. I truly want the best in life for Amy and she does for me. We realize that our artistic differences make us stronger as a whole. It has always been crucial that we write our own songs separately. In the studio, the songwriter gets the last word on her [own] song, although we are open to each other’s ideas. We also have very independent lives. Amy has her projects and I have mine. So when we come back together to work on Indigo Girls, it’s always a happy thing.

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