Gay Atlanta man explores launching 2020 presidential bid

Gay life coach, motivational speaker and author Christopher Coleman has launched a 2020 exploratory campaign for president of the United States.

The 45-year-old Atlanta resident — who has cerebral palsy — said he’s exploring a platform of inclusion, diversity and equality.

“It’s time for our government to represent who we are as a nation. We are black, we are white, we are gay, we are disabled, we are straight. It’s time that our government represents that,” Coleman told Project Q Atlanta.

Coleman is yet another potential candidate for office motivated by President Donald Trump, who Coleman said has divided the country with “a message of hatred and bigotry.”

“When you offend so many people on so many levels, there is a deeper issue that you’re dealing with that you have to lower people in order to feel important,” he said. 

Coleman offers little in the way of specific policy positions on his campaign website, and acknowledges that it would be a longshot campaign if he were to run. But he has a different measure of what would be a successful campaign.

“My goal is to open up the minds of America to make a statement about who we are appointing into office,” he said. “I hope it also kind of breaks the glass ceiling that we have on disabled people. I think that me just running may open some people’s eyes that an individual with disabilities can bring something to the table as well. “

The first-time candidate said he will make a decision on whether to make a formal run for president by February or March.

Coleman two years ago alleged that he was attacked, pulled from his wheelchair and beaten in Midtown. He told local media outlets that the attackers left behind a printed note that contained gay and racial slurs and was signed “The Modern Day KKK.” 

Doubts about the veracity of the incident later surfaced, and Atlanta police were never able to confirm the allegations. 

“Investigators followed up on all available leads, met with the victim and reviewed available video, but were unfortunately not able to identify any suspects in this case,” said Officer Lisa Bender, an Atlanta police spokesperson. “We still encourage anyone that may have information which could assist in this investigation to contact Crime Stoppers.”