imageWith the polls showing a dead heat, Nathan Deal targeted a new 30-second spot on Karen Handel and her past support for two gay issues as they fight to become the most anti-gay (and win Tuesday’s GOP runoff).

Deal’s latest anti-gay attack ad on gubernatorial rival Handel—he whacked her on the same issues last month, too—comes after Handel (bottom photo) poked Deal (top photo) over his performance as a member of Congress.

The script:

Male voiceover: The last straw. For some, it’s Karen Handel’s support for taxpayer-funded gay partner benefits.

For others, the last straw is Karen Handel’s vote to give our tax dollars to Youth Pride, a group that promotes homosexuality among teenagers as young as 13.

But for all, the lies Karen Handel tells about Nathan Deal — a veteran, former prosecutor and judge, to hide what she’s done — are the last straw.

imageDeal’s last attack on Handel prompted her to elevate her anti-gay positions into a crusade against gay marriage, civil unions and even adoptions by gay couples, which Handel said she would support banning as governor.

It’s the sort of ant-gay back-and-forth that led GOP state Rep. Mike Jacobs on Thursday to call on both Handel and Deal to “stop the gay bashing” and “focus on bigger issues.”

Deal’s latest anti-gay ad comes the same week he and Handel lashed out at a federal judge’s ruling against California’s Proposition 8 gay marriage ban.