imageBeer pong and lesbians seem to be a touchy subject for some at Agnes Scott College.

The all-women school in Decatur is often the punchline for jokes that have to do with lesbians. It’s something the campus confronted late last year when student Louisa Hill (photo) complained in a blog about Agnes Scott becoming “the cesspool for Hollywood’s C-list sequels.” Hill and other students were upset when the filming of “Road Trip II: Beer Pong” came to campus. 

Although Agnes Scott was tied for Georgia’s most LBGTQ-friendly campus by Atlanta newspaper, Southern Voice, students eating dinner were recruited in the cafeteria to be extras in the film’s derisive “Lesbians until Graduation” scene. The recruiter assured us that the only requirement was “acting like lesbians.” But in case we were interested, they welcomed same-sex “background kissers.”

Apparently the main premise of the scene involved the male protagonists stumbling upon the room full of these “making-out lesbians” (to presumably “convert” them?). When we expressed offense, the recruiter said she was warned about encountering uncooperative students who were “really into being women” (versus into being objects?).

But the flap prompted the school to change its policies concerning filming on campus and involve more students in the approval process. Apparently, Agnes Scott is quite the draw for the Big Screen with at least one film project there a year. All seems well on the well-coiffed campus now, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Agnes Scott president Elizabeth Kiss says it was “a little tough” to see the anger fester, and to keep from being too defensive. But the “healthy debate” led to new policies for filming at the school that Kiss says bring more groups into the decision.

When a project comes up, an advisory group including students, staff and faculty now judges whether it’s a good fit for the school, although final say goes to Kiss and school leaders. The new policy also requires responsibility training for crew members and extras and at least one educational opportunity for students.

It has been called to action once so far, for an ABC television pilot shot this month. By all accounts, it went smoothly.

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