Baton Bob is lots of things. But honey, he is most certainly not indecent. Unless you're a Buckhead Betty and blow the whistle on this animated and slightly profane dragster who marches along the streets of Atlanta.

Working his morning set on Wednesday near the intersection of Lenox and Peachtree roads, he encountered some trouble in the form of Atlanta police. And then blasted off one of his epic rants on social media.

I just completed my SET in BUCKHEAD!!!!.....,Today,......the ATLANTA Police over there in BuckheaD tRIED tO ROLL UP ON MY a*s AND say;.....we are getting complaints,.....that you are dressed indecent today!.....What the hell is indecent? My DICK was covered and My ASS, now what the f*ck is indecent!!!!!!.......YOU BITCHES NEED TO GET A GRIP!!!!".....And,it is always Black Officers Doing IT!!!!!

It's happened before at the Ritz-Carlton in downtown Atlanta. Even in Midtown. He's gotten sassy with "Judge Joe Brown." But he will never be silenced. He'll even fight back.

Gay Atlanta photographer Ash Gardner happened by Baton Bob's Buckhead performance and snapped the photo above.