Atlanta native and now Savannah living queen Dax Exclamationpoint is the latest local gal to go big with "RuPaul's Drag Race," nailing a spot on the 12-person cast for the show's upcoming Season 8.

The competitors were unveiled late Monday and our fave cosplay queen was included – just like the rumors said she would be. That other Atlanta performer? RuPaul didn't take Skarlet Starlet.

Dax, 30, a self-described club kid who "always wore dumb costumes," turned to drag after growing tired of queens lip synching to Britney Spears in the bars all night, she says in her introductory video for the show. (Watch below)

"My drag style is essentially like road warrior, glitter punk, super hero assassin kind of," Dax says. "I want to be known for cosplay. I want to be known as the queen of all nerds. I want to be known as someone who can go beyond just typical drag bar night."

Dax becomes the latest in a long line of Atlanta queens to make a run for the "Drag Race" crown. She's the drag mother of Violet Chachki, who of course won Season 7. Trinity K. Bonet had an emotional journey to the ninth episode of Season 6, which was then a record for Atlanta queens. Before that there was Nicole Paige Brooks (Season 2, episode 2), Sonique (Season 2, episode 4), Phoenix (Season 3, episode 2) and Mariah Paris Balenciaga (Season 3, episode 6).

We last spotted Dax in September when she hit the stage for Legendary Children's Nuclear Meltdown at Heretic. 

Dax isn't the only queen with Georgia competing on the show. She joins Bob the Drag Queen, who attended high school in Clayton County and studied theater at Columbus State University.

The new "Drag Race" season premieres on March 7.