Former trophy husband on "The Real Housewives of Atlanta," Kordell Stewart, has long faced whispers that he's gay. They turned to loud chatter on the hit Bravo show and big gay catcalls on a recent digital radio show. Stewart has had enough. 

So the former pro jock, whose has faced rumors that he's gay for more years than the decade he played in the NFL, sued his latest accuser. And the big gay drama could play out in a DeKalb County courtroom. 

Stewart – always one to try and convince you that he "doesn't do no homophobic" – sued Andrew Caldwell, Catalyst Next and Jarrius Keyun Moon on Oct. 27, a few weeks after Caldwell took to the digital airwaves to claim that he was Stewart's gay sidepiece while Stewart was married to RHOA star Porsha Stewart.

"I had everything that Porsha got. I had everything that everybody else had. I had bags, purses, cars. I'm in a Jaguar right now," Caldwell bragged during the Oct. 1 episode of "The ShakeUp," a digital morning show.

Caldwell goes on to claim that Stewart wasn't the only NFL player he dated and that the pair met at a restaurant before he realized Stewart was the former Steelers quarterback. You know, the same one that had to address gay rumors during a meeting with teammates in 1998.

But Caldwell brings a truckload of baggage wherever he goes. The St. Louis man is the star of the viral video of his coming out – as straight in November 2014. He renounced his homosexuality with fervor in "I don't like mens no more." Later, he said he still likes the D. 

And after dishing about Stewart, he confessed to TMZ that he made the whole thing up. 

Stewart sued anyway, claiming defamation and negligence and that he's entitled to damages for "loss of earnings, emotional distress and impairment to his reputation." 

First he wants to make it clear that, despite suggestions from his now ex-wife and her castmates, he is most certainly not gay. Maybe a queen, but definitely not gay.

"At all times during his life, Mr. Stewart has been, and is, a heterosexual male," the lawsuit states.

And typical of Stewart when he swats back at gay rumors, he does so with offensive non-sense.

"Mr. Stewart has been subject to public embarrassment and ridicule as the statement have operated to impair his career, damage his reputation, and cause acute anguish to him and his family," the lawsuit states.

And this: "The statements that Mr. Caldwell made during the Interview about Mr. Stewart are highly offensive to a reasonable person."

As if being called "gay" is offensive. It's not. Courts have said so. But Stewart wants to go over the top to hush any more chatter about all this gay stuff. 

"Punitive damages are necessary to deter Defendants from engaging in similar acts in the future and to compensate Mr. Stewart for the incredibly painful ordeal that he has had to endure and the pain he will endure in the future as a result of Defandants' malicious conduct," according to the lawsuit.

Stewart's lawsuit includes Atlanta-based Catalyst Next, which helps produce the digital radio show "The ShakeUp" that aired the interview with Caldwell. Stewart also targets Jarrius Keyun Moon, who lives in Stone Mountain. Moon is the creator and producer of "The Gospel Truth," a reality show set to premier on AIB TV on Nov. 21.

The lawsuit alleges that Moon and Caldwell "colluded to make up false and defamatory statements" to promote the show and did so with the Oct. 1 interview on "The ShakeUp." Kordell's lawsuit calls Caldwell's statements "maliciously" false and blamed Catalyst Next for airing the statements without verifying them despite "serious doubt" about the truth of what Caldwell said. 

The lawsuit also claims for Moon "procured" Caldwell to make the false statements to harm Stewart, boost Caldwell's popularity and to gin up interest for Moon's upcoming reality show. 

Shortly after the lawsuit was filed, Moon distanced himself from Caldwell.


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And Caldwell threw some new allegations at Moon the same day Moon dumped him from the show.

I, Andrew Caldwell will not be a part of the Gospel Truth reality television show, sponsored by Mr. Jarvis Moon. Mr. Moon does not have my permission to use my image or make any public statements about me, whether they are print, blog, radio, TV, or Internet sources.

Insofar as Mr. Moon has been harassing me daily by phone, text messages, and emails, Mr. Moon shall refrain from having any contact with me. I do not feel safe around him.

I chose to leave the show due to fraudulent practices by Mr. Moon. One example is that he attempted to book a hotel reservation for me by using a fake letterhead from Marriott Corporate Office to secure a booking at a discount rate.

And to think, Porsha could have cleared up this entire gay drama with a simple finger. In his ass.


Kordell Stewart Sues Over 'Offensive' Gay Rumors by Matt Hennie