You’ve been caught in the woods with these guys before. You’d think with the warning that you’d be ready, but nothing can quite prepare you for gay Atlanta’s next ManShaft, set for Friday at Mary’s.

The party that hosts the return of its Lumberjack Gear Edition always brings out the guys, and the fellas are already stripping the sleeves off their flannel, unflapping their union suits, buttoning their suspenders and opening the flies on their button-flies for the quarterly event. On Friday, DJ Diablo Rojo again sets the backdrop with hard-driving grooves, vintage men’s films and a theme that seems to capture so many gay imaginations.

But ManShaft is more than dancing bears. And achieving the right look is more than slapping on a trucker cap and calling yourself butch. With three years of photos from past events next to the hankies in our back pockets – herehere and here – we know a thing or two about ManShaft: Lumberjack. Get geared up with some inspirational looks, some funnies and ideas gleened from Rojo himself.

Suspend disbelief.



Get a faceful of beard.



Or fake one. This and boxer briefs would suffice.



Flannel yourself until all you see plaid.



Sleeveless is kosher. Just ask the gay rabbi.



Play nice with all your furry friends.



Serve Tom of Finland into the Woods Realness.



Channel your inner porn star. 



Or just follow the chart all the way to Mary’s on Friday.