6 decorating and decluttering tips to make your bedroom sexier

The room that you use mostly for sleeping and getting ready takes on extra responsibility when it’s time for sex.

With most of us maintaining quarantine, whether your inimate moments are happening virtually, or your partner is looking at you 24-7 these days, now’s the time to step up to a better boudoir backdrop.

While you're redecorating for quarantine or rediscovering your queer kitchen skills, don't forget the bedroom. Here are six super easy, super inexpensive or free, decor tips to remember.



Restrict the color palette for a more soothing scene. As few as one or two colors can be a statement and let you focus on what really matters. Speaking of soothing and sexy, psychologists say consider cooler hues and avoid black and white.



Textiles are your tactile ticket to comfort. Mix throws, upholstery and pillows. Solids on the walls and windows make a room look larger, and patterns on the bed draw the eye to where the action is.



Every bedroom needs a mirror anyway. Add sparkle with a few more — not on the ceiling unless you’re into that sort of thing. Cluster small ones together or lean a large one against the wall.


Best Light

Indirect lighting is key. Lamps, candles and uplights are great. Can lights, spotlights and overheads are… well, not.


Scents & Sensibility

Don’t distract them with nastiness. Move the hamper to a closet or bathroom. Put down fresh sheets often. If you’re not into candles and incense, subtler touches like live plans, flowers and rug fresheners go a long way.


Clear Out

It may not sound like a decorating tip, but de-cluttering not only makes a good impression, but the clutter is distracting and decidedly un-sexy. Keep the focus on each other with fewer focal points, collections and piles.


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