Hundreds of gAy-TLiens, celebs and politicos. Big feels for LGBT rights. You might be willing to bet that you know the drill for Atlanta’s big gay HRC dinner. We’re sure you do, so we'll take your wager. Now what do you say we make things interesting?

First things first. In case you’ve been living under a rock – or don’t bowl or (gasp!) don’t cocktail  – the 27th Annual HRC Atlanta Gala Dinner & Auction takes place Saturday at the Hyatt Regency Atlanta Downtown. The hobnobbing about gay rights on a national scale will include an award for gay Atlanta’s speedo-clad weather daddy Sam Champion, honors for LGBT non-profit Lost N Found Youth, a performance by lesbian comic Dana Goldberg and another by “It” Girl Betty Who. Tickets are still available.

Moving on, we get why veterans think they know what to expect. And since you can rattle off a list of things you’ll see, let’s find out how many sure-bets you can keep track of when you have to take a shot for every one you tally. Even if you lose, you’ll be tipsy enough not to be very upset about it.

We’ll start. Everyone take a shot to your one big emotional moment (at least) about how far the LGBT rights movement has come. It’s not (just) the free wine talking. For the rest, take a trip down HRC Atlanta Lane with us to start your checklist, and line up some shots to take the challenge.

Men in black. Drink.



Dress blues. Bottoms up.



Lady in red. Yup, down the hatch.



Men in black and lady in red. Take two shots.



Oh hell, just drink another and consider a new pop color next year.



Gay and allied politicians. This is gonna be harder than you thought.



Oh shit, a politician and a lady in red. Yep. Two shots.



HRC PDA. Drink!



Hollywood types. Drink until they're A-listers.



Local luminaries. 



Uh-oh. Local luminary and  politician. You know what to do.



Hollywood type + local luminaries = Drink or bow out, loser.



Anyone in a hat. Take a shot and keep comments to yourself. 



Party boys. 



And girls.


You, slurring: 'Hi, Sam Champion.' Everybody drinks!



Too loud: 'Betty who? Oh, Betty Who!' 



Drunk selfies. Take one and drink one.



Awkward table visits. Don't let this be you.



You win. If you're not asleep or staring at an Uber driver's back, celebrate something like this:



Photos by Matt Hennie and Sher Pruitt for Project Q Atlanta