Take the voice and vibe of Harry Connick Jr., mix in some Michael Buble flash, add a dash of Cole Porter and some sexy gay selfies, and you have Spencer Day. Now put the singer-songwriter in metro Atlanta, and your Saturday dance card just got filled.

Day’s original songs propelled him onto the music scene almost a decade ago in the film “Movie of Your Life.” The gay singer-songwriter hit our radar as a super-talented twink back then, but he’s matured into a sexy stud who sings for his supper around the globe, all while sending fans friendly Instagram valentines, YouTube treats and Twitter teases from each exotic location.

It’s been a long road since pumping gas and playing old folks homes in the ‘90s, or drawing chicken-hawks like flies on “Star Search” in 2002. Now the 35-year-old seasoned veteran brings his freshly minted album “Daybreak,” as well as favorite songs from 10 years of albums including “Vagabond” and “The Mystery of You,” to Roswell Cultural Arts Center on Saturday. Of course, we’d be remiss if we let his local appearance slide by without giving him the once-over that includes all the ways he turns our crank.

First and foremost, Spencer is dreamy.



And a dreamer.



Also, we just love a man who rocks a skinny tie.



And hats.



And beach booty.




Like any good gay, he loves drag queens – just kidding.



Well, kind of kidding.



But he serves Boy Next Door Realness like nobody's business.



And suits for days.



Just when you thought it, he’s ready to kiss you.



Oh yeah! Spencer loves a holiday.



Like a ‘Funny Valentine’ Day.



Or Throwback Thursday.


Or National Sibling Day.


But mostly, Spencer loves to sing with passion.


And if he inspires our passion along the way, so be it.


Because fans.