Original looks. Endless wigs. Fierce attitude. Every drag fan in town knows Atlanta queen Phoenix, and this weekend, it’s time to pay the popular diva her due during a weekend of birthday shows.

The wheels are always turning for the queen who you might think never sleeps. Heading up Femme Fatale at Burkhart’s and Fantasy Girls at Jungle, seeking out new talent with the Dragnificent competition series, and hosting fellow “RuPaul’s Drag Race” alums keep a girl busy.

This week, make that a double. Phoenix celebrates her birthday with two weekend shows to double down on birthday fun and tweak your holiday ass. First up, Femme Fatale with JujuBee at Burkhart’s on Friday includes Phoenix’s fellow “RuPaul’s” alumnus. Then on Saturday, Phoenix’s Birthday with DJ Mike Cruz goes down at Jungle with a performance by the birthday girl herself.

To celebrate, we collected a few of our favorite moments from the chameleon’s ever-changing looks. Last year, she told us how to grow old gracefully. This year, we’re content to sit back and enjoy the results.

Phoenix outshines most.



Even if she has to break some glass to do it.



We like Phoenix because she tells it like it is.



Whether you like it or not (and you love it).



She takes care of her Jungle peeps.



Especially when she’s putting them in drag.



But mostly we all like Phoenix for her many splendored looks.



From demure.



To extravagant.



From ‘fro.



To show.



From Dragnificent.



To Fantasy Girls.



She’s our favorite Femme Fatale. 



Everybody loves Phoenix. Happy birthday, girl!