The gay sidekicks of "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" settled into a high-end convertible and toured the city on Sunday, putting the gayest of gay spins on the best moments from last season as the new one gets ready to roll.

With talk of tops, bottoms, testosterone and marriage equality, Derek J and Miss Lawrence were the highlight of "Road Trip to Season 7" on Bravo. The special was billed as a rehash of the most outrageous moments of Season 6 just a week from the Season 7 premiere. But these two gay stylists, their heels and their quips steal the show. Again.

They get cruised by a queen in a rundown convertible. They troll Randy Kessler, an attorney whose services are in demand on RHOA. They talk about how men and women react to differently to sex. And they show that as RHOA continues, they provide some of the best (and gayest) moments of the series.

"Girl, I am still a man girl. I got a little testosterone left in me," Miss Lawrence says to Derek J after he questions how Miss Lawrence managed such a deep-voiced impression of Peter Bailey.

They also show that if you cruise these two on the street, you better come correct. And not in a shabby, busted up and broken down rag top.

"Girl, he has a blue tennis ball on his antenna, girl. Really? That's who you're going to marry? You should," Miss Lawrence says to Derek.