10 ways pets are better than people

LGBTQ families include furry kids in the mix more often than our non-queer counterparts. These Queer Atlanta pet people have even shown what that looks like.

Even when we're confirmed single for life, animals are allowed into homes and hearts in great numbers where other humans are banned. That's because they're just naturally better than humans at a lot of the stuff we bipeds need and have trouble giving each other. 

Here are 10 no-strings-attached reasons that make domestic animals better than domestic partners.

And before you write in, this just for fun, folks, as a celebration of our fur babies. Enjoy both your pets and your humans to your hearts' content with our blessing!


Always down to cuddle.


Can always make you laugh.


Loves you as you are.


Always up for an adventure.


You can’t stay mad at them.


Won’t judge you for bing eating, and in fact, want in on it.


No matter what, they’re always cute.


Always happy to see you.


They never understood the concept of pants.


Their bond is for life.

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