10 reasons to check out Atlanta’s queer leather scene

What's so great about leather? With Atlanta Leather Pride gearing up this weekend and the old adage try everything once, here's why we wouldn't knock it until you've tried it.









Embrace the Unknown

If you’re hitting the same place with the same people, shake things up with a new view.



Far from clone stereotypes, leather events embrace far more various gender expressions, body types, social circles and archetypes than other LGBTQ circles.

Body Positive

Welcome to the birthplace of the bear, otter, cub, wolf and pig communities, where more than one standard of beauty reigns.

Community Unity

It’s not the gear, but the welcoming attitude that makes the queer leather community so great.

Head Games

Roleplaying within the parameters of military and police protocols can heighten fantasies and experiment with your own psychology.

Walk on Your Wild Side

You only think you’re all vanilla all the time. Open your mind and see what you find. Others are into that one thing that’s always been in the back of your mind.

Self Empowerment

Whether it’s because the gear makes you feel like a badass, or a harness focuses your super powers, leather emboldens your confidence.

Sensory Overload

You don’t necessarily have to be into BDSM to enjoy the sensations of this particular fabric against the skin.

Rock Out

Embrace the scene that metal icons Judas Priest and others specifically cite as their inspiration – long before JP’s lead singer came out.

Women Werk

Commonly associated with men, leather groups specifically for female-identified queers thrive around the globe. Of course Atlanta offers a Ms. sash as well as a Mr. Eagle title.

This article originally appeared in Q magazine. Pick it up around town, and read the digital version below: