10 Queer Things: Sure signs that your boo is over you

You tell yourself all kinds of stories about their behavior, but look around. We asked queer Atlantans how they knew their loved one was already all but gone. Here are their actual quotes on how you can tell.


1. They stop texting you back (top photo).







2. They change your name to ‘Felicia’ in their phone.


3. They suggest seeing other people, and oh yeah hey by the way, they already have a head start.


4. Friends stop inviting you out as a couple, because they’d prefer to chew glass than be around you together.


5. They stop leaving their stuff at your place.



6. They start buying their own drinks without asking if you want one.


7. You feel lonely even when they are there.


8. Your conversations with the dog are longer than the ones with them.


9. The mere thought of their arrival makes you want to bolt.


10. They’re too busy with work to hang, but not too busy to stop at the bar with friends.


This article orginally ran in Q magazine. Read the full issue below: