10 New Year goals for every queer in the LGBTQ village

Whether you torture yourself with individual resolutions or not, there are some things that all of us can resolve to do better in a team effort for all of LGBTQ Atlanta.

Below, find our shortlist and start some conversations.









Learn Queer History

(And apply its lessons)


Be Kind

(Love one another and stop infighting)


Protect Ourselves Better

(Look into PrEP, explore safer sex options, encourage others to get health checks)


Be Present in the Moment

(Remove noses from mobile devices)


Stop Judging

(And shaming, ostracizing and ridiculing)


Resist Harder 

(Join a cause)


Eliminate Stigmas

(About HIV status, sexual practices, community subsets)


More Sober Outings

(Events that don’t center around cocktails)


Love All Bodies

(Including our own)


Be Visible

(Show up, speak out)


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