imageStraight—not that there’s anything wrong with that—Asian-American artist Jenny Zhang talks about why she’s interested in a gay black hip-hop artist during a panel discussion Monday night at Apache Cafe.

Zhang inverts the male gaze and uses photographs, marks and words to reach some inner truths about Juba Kalamka, but wants her “Juba-Spider” exhibit (photo) to spur a larger discussion about how being gay challenges being black, about masculinity and women making art about men. The panel gets talking at 8:30 p.m.

Zhang will be joined by Charles Stephens, an HIV prevention worker, film critic Felicia Feaster and art critic Cinque Hicks

“Juba-Spider,” by the way, is a work that combines traditional and digital printmaking techniques in four layers of monoprint on eight paper panels that span 20 feet. The artwork is part of Zhang’s “Men Are Like Fascinating Insects” body of work that opened Saturday as part of the Emerging Artist Residency at Atlanta Printmakers Studio through Aug. 1.