Atlanta pundit rants against evil gays, tolerance

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Finding ridiculous things that Atlanta's own WSB radio host and Fox News contributor Erick Erickson has said is easier than shooting fish in a barrel full of much smaller fish. There was that time he said he wouldn't let his son join those gay-loving Boy Scouts and that time he ridiculed Chelsea Manning for being transgender. This time, he's arguing for the right of businesses to discriminate against gay customers. Because that's not insane or anything.

In a post to his Red State blog on Monday (drama queen headline: “You WILL Be Made To Care”), Erickson cites the case of a baker who refused to bake a cake for a same-sex wedding. The couple took the business to court and the judge ruled against the bakery, citing a Colorado law that prohibits businesses from discriminating based on sexual orientation. Which I'm assuming drew an impassioned response from the defense of “Oh yeah.”

Erickson says the bakery should have been able to discriminate based on religious grounds. That is, based on Erickson's own interpretation of what the scripture says about gay people. And about celebratory confections, apparently.

There will be no accommodation between gay rights activists and those seeking religious freedom to opt out of the gay rights movement. Gay rights activists demand tolerance for their lifestyle, but will not tolerate those who choose to adhere to their religious beliefs.

I must have dozed off during last week's meeting all of us gays have, because I didn't realize that all we are asking for is to be tolerated. Or that it's still not mind-numbingly absurd to call two people's commitment to each other a “lifestyle.”

Even better though was when Erickson called gay people evil. And bemoaned the state of Christianity.

Evil preaches tolerance until it is dominate [sic] and then it seeks to silence good. We are more and more rapidly arriving at a point in this country where Christians are being forced from the public square unless they abandon the tenets of their faith. In our secular society, Christianity is something you do on a Sunday and who you sleep with defines you.

Erick, get off the cross—we need the wood. But you knew that already, right? Hi-yooooo!

Progressive watchdog group Media Matters countered Erickson's claimswith this new thing all the kids are raving about called logic.

Erickson professes his dislike for the notion that "who you sleep with defines you," but it's Erickson himself who's obsessed with denying people rights simply on the basis of their sexual orientation. Would Erickson feel as comfortable telling an interracial couple that "there are plenty of bakers who would bake a cake for them," but that racist bakers should have the right not to provide them one?

Whoa there, pump your brakes, Media Matters. Who says the African-American fight for equal rights is similar to the LGBT fight for equal rights? Except civil rights icon John Lewis. And civil rights icon Julian Bond. And civil rights icon Coretta Scott King. On second thought, hit the gas, Media Matters.

As to what to do from here? There are many ways to address rumored human life form Erick Erickson. You could lose your mind. But I wouldn't recommend it. Or you could listen to Erickson rant during the Christmas holiday as he subs for Rush Limbaugh. I wouldn't recommend that, either.


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