Atlanta Falcons partner with NFFLA for first Pride Night

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The gay and allied jocks of National Flag Football League of Atlanta aren’t done with 2021 yet. On the heels of their season championship last month, the league announced its sponsorship of the NFL’s first LGBTQ Pride Night game in Atlanta.

The Atlanta Falcons offer specially priced ticket packages for a full night of gridiron gays on Oct. 31. Each ticket package comes with credit toward the next league season, as well as a shirt featuring a rainbow Falcons logo. LGBTQ fans historically love that kind of swag from other pro franchises like the Atlanta Braves, Atlanta Hawks and Atlanta United.

The basic ticket package with seats higher up in Mercedes-Benz Stadium is $67 per person. Mid-range tickets are $112 per seat and include a pre-game tailgate with food and drinks. High-end tickets ($217) come with all of those perks, plus primo seats in the lower 100 level of the venue.

The Pride Night packages and the seating chart are here. A portion of every ticket sold benefits NFFLA.

“This fundraiser is a great opportunity to show our local Atlanta brands just how strong of a presence we have in this community,” said league commissioner Justin Spears. “Everyone can be a part of a major first for us and the Falcons.”

NFFLA Flag Football wrapped its spring-summer season with championship games last month. (Photo by Russ Bowen-Youngblood)

Falcons rise up

The history of the Atlanta Falcons on LGBTQ issues stayed a bit ahead of the NFL itself on inclusion and representation. Long before openly gay draftees and players in professional football, Atlanta franchise owner Arthur Blank long maintained that “it’s time to make gay athletes part of our culture.”

That was even before the Falcons hired the lesbian who would become the league’s first out coach in American pro sports. Katie Sowers was a scouting intern with the team before coaching the San Francisco 49ers and advancing LGBTQ sports culture.

The Pride Night game on Halloween night marks another step in the evolution of the Falcons, the pro league and the NFFLA itself. Atlanta’s gay flag football league was one of the first organizations to make a COVID comeback play, so they are used to breaking records and busting expectations.

“This opportunity doesn’t come without the work of every member of this league,” Spears said.

Pride Night pits the Falcons against the Carolina Panthers and its troubled, Newton-less quarterback situation.

“Let’s make some noise come October 31st!,” Spears exclaimed.

Atlanta Falcons Pride Night takes place on Oct. 31. Gametime is 1 p.m.


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