An asshat, Midtown bullies and ‘thugs in drag’

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When I declared war on the Midtown bullies who declared war on “thugs in drag,” I called it offensive. Reddit users called me names in return. How much fun is that!

Of course I expected a reaction from supporters of the Midtown Ponce Security Alliance, which has amped up their understandable efforts to combat street hustlers and prostitution into a disturbing full-fledged war. They are tossing around offensive terms, engaging in hyperbole and suckering media outlets as they turn their war into a distracting mess that’s less concerned with battling prostitution than it is with demonizing sex workers.

Reddit user asfasdfasafsa took me to task and accuses me of “celebrating gay culture as if it’s about nothing more than sex and drugs.” Ouch. But carry on, asfasdfasafsa.

My rant of the day:

As long as writers like this guy are the voice of the gay community, it will never make progress with average Americans. Nobody wants crime going on outside their door and yet this guy thinks it’s okay because of the transgender status of the offenders. I always argue with my more conservative friends and family that the gay community is no different than them—they want to go to work, have a family and participate in society in the same way as everyone else. Then asshats like this guy show up at the parades and celebrate gay culture as if it’s about nothing more than sex and drugs. It makes me look like an ass. These people need to grow up. They don’t want to be treated like everyone else. They want to be special. The center of attention. And its fucking obnoxious. The rest of the gay community needs to take back their media from these assholes before they set back gay rights another 50 years.

Then there was AdmiralBallsack, who was concerned that I advocated for transgendered prostitutes to be left alone to turn their tricks. (I don’t.)

This article quickly confused me. The entire thing seems to be about the writer not liking some of the terminology being used, but then does nothing to address the actual issue of an acknowledged prostitution problem in this area. I’m kinda left with the impression that the writer thinks that the “hustlers” are the victims, and that people should cut the prostitutes some slack just because they’re transgendered, and let them hang out on the street and continue to do their thing.

But mostly, and most surprisingly, the comments took issue with MPSA’s exaggerated claims about street-level prostitution. Dinosaurs_r_neat questioned those claims.

Say wha?! I live off of Charles Allen right above 6th. I’m not discounting there aren’t any roving around, but are there really belligerent gangs? Not that I’m taking up for them in any way, I’ve just been oblivious I suppose

Lefty68, like me, took issue with MPSA’s tactics.

I live and work in Midtown and often see (non-cross-dressing) male sex workers near my office in the evenings. I don’t like it and wish APD would do a better job of policing the area. But the problem I have with what MPSA is doing is that they’re sensationalizing and demagoguing the cross-dressing issue. If there are prostitutes in the area and if they’re accosting and harassing passersby, it needs to stop. But it makes no difference whether they’re wearing stiletto heels or construction boots. Replace “transvestite” in MPSA’s propaganda with “gay” or “black” and you’ll get an idea of what I’m talking about. There are law-abiding transgender people living in the neighborhood, and they don’t deserve to be harassed because someone mistakes them for hookers.

And count_schemula just tries to make the best of a tough situation.

Did have a good time with them one July 4th. We gathered them all up at Piedmont and Third and had a fireworks party. Still lol at the mental image of the he-shes dancing around in the fireworks smoke.

Photo via Midtown Ponce Security Alliance


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