22 every-day ways to play Queer Quarantine Bingo

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Remember Groundhog Day back in February? Oblivious to coronvirus coming and — gestures broadly — all of this that would come with it, we flippantly tossed memes about the Bill Murray movie where every day is the same.

Yeah, about that.

Well, it’s Quarantine Day. Again. Same as it every was. Same as it ever was.

The routine, whether it’s a grind or a slog or mind-bendingly boring, is getting at least as laughable as that aforementioned Hollywood scenario, so we made a game of it.

To play Quarantine Bingo, see how many of these daily lockdown tasks you can check off today, then clear the board. We’ll do it all over again tomorrow.

Binge Watching

Check out the LGBTQ-est binge-worthy shows on Netflix, Hulu and Prime.

Thirst Trapping

It’s OK if you’re a little psychopathic about it. Or a lot. And yes, stay home even if you’re bored, horny and at “low risk.”

Eating (Again)

Keep an eye out for the April 16 issue of Q for ways to shake things up in the kitchen.


Atlanta Pride is working to make sure we have the Best 50th Anniversary Pride.


No really, please do this one.


Pets and children and spouses and boos are super important, just like state Reps. Matthew Wilson and Karla Drenner showed as they serve constituents from home, along with these other LGBTQ state lawmakers in quarantine.


You can do those put-off domestic tasks as a distraction. Just like some LGBTQ businesses, including Ten Atlanta’s exterior refresh during coronavirus closure and that one caused by a one-car collision at Creative Approach. If youre budget won’t allow, here are 20 low- or no-cost redecorating ideas.

Checking the News

Yep, even on lockdown, shit is crazy.


Come through, video games! Pick your poison, or try these gayming ideas from Gamemaster Herb.


Sorry ’bout your birthday, girl.


It doesn’t end, and it will be there when you catch your breath. Take a walk.

Playing Dressup (Cutting your own hair counts)

Raided the closet yet? Picked that perfect lewk for a video post or that highly anticipated visit to the living room?


You know, as much as you can muster and/or be grateful to have.

Feeling the Feely Feels

We know. We know! Hang in there.


Take that walk. You need it. Go somewhere you haven’t been. Take a new route.


How were we surviving without these?

 “Alone Time”

Go easy. You migh even consider pleasuring yourself past your hangups. Sploosh.


Ain’t quite no hero like a leatherman hero. See what Barking Leather sewing up masks when businesses were shuttered.

Virtual Performing & Partying

Like all these queens and that other queen, and these DJs and that other DJ.


Shout-out if you downloaded it. Condolences if you gave it up after one day.

Re-evaluating Relationships

It’s rough being stuck together and sticking it out in what would have been uncuffing season.

Reading Q Magazine & Project Q

Just like these 11 local Insta-Qs making the most out of lockdown. You can read our full coverage of the coronavirus pandemic here.


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