Q mag celebrates the queer love that dares speak its name

Maybe you’ll pick up this week’s Q for left-of-center politics.  Perhaps you’re in it for the kinship of local queer Valentines. Or are you here for the legacy of your tribe? By any of those names, this rose still smells sweet.

Love is always a good a place to start, so with Valentine’s Day looming, love is the foundation for Q's annual Love Issue. In our cover story, meet six local couples in a photo essay by photographer Jon Dean, and check out this week’s 10 Queer Things, where we list ways you can be a better sweetheart.

Over in Q Voices, Vince Shifflett is all up in his feelings about monogamy. He questions whether it’s possible to do it without lying, whether it’s impossible to stick to it, and whether it's even worth pitting what’s in his heart against what’s in his pants. Ain’t love grand? 

The love in this issue goes beyond the heart, as local activist Charles Stephens shows some for a fallen black gay predecessor. The late, great Tony Daniels gets his due as Stephens helps Auburn Avenue Research Library induct Daniels' work into its archives. 

Don’t look now, but your liberal guilt is showing. It seems some of us are so busy shaming each other over who's more woke, we may do the equality movement more harm than good. The Q advice column meets two well-meaning queers in need of a reality check.

Liberalism. Loyalty. Legacy. Love. Check, check, check and check. All that’s left are the smiles, and Q Shots photo galleries have those in abundance, with more to come in the Queer Agenda calendar of events

Flip through the full digital edition below.


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