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10 ways to keep queer culture alive in Atlanta

Before supporting and preserving queer culture in a world where assimilation seems to be the modus operandi, let's define what it is.

Free spirit and entrepreneur Brandé Elise wants to unite queer Atlanta

If you can’t quite place Brandé Elise, you might remember her as the ex of a former Atlanta Dream star, as a Lust List honoree, or you might even know her voice.

Atlanta’s queer history comes to life in Georgia State exhibit

Bar raids. AIDS. Pride. Protests, breakthroughs, venues, media coverage, drag shows, controversies, and well, just the LGBTQ Atlanta of it all.

LGBTQ ATL-ien fights for queer youth and a bikeable ATL

Adah-Duval Pittman-Delancey has "Champion” in her official job title, but it also fits her volunteerism with Teach America's LGBTQ youth initiative.

The best queer things to do in Atlanta this weekend

Forget work. You betta, what? Weeerrrk, Live, Pose! into the third weekend of Stonewall Month events. Give yourself the LGBTQ Atlanta weekend you deserve.

Q mag finds queers building a future with respect for the past

LGBTQ culture and the queers in it necessarily spend a lot of time pushing forward, but freeing ourselves of the past doesn’t mean throwing out the baby with the bath water.

Dykes, bikes and a brief history of women riding motorcyles

Today, many women are afraid to ride motorcycles except as a passenger, but motorcycles have been empowering women since the 1800s. These are their stories.

Meet women building a queer legacy in Atlanta

A legacy is not simply a thing we receive. It is something we build. Legacies are how we live our lives, and they are our contribution to the next generation.

Meet Georgia’s LGBTQ and queer-friendly candidates for 2018

Socially progressive voters may never be more motivated to hit the polls for a prophesized Blue Wave than in the 2018 midterm elections. It could be a Queer Wave as well.

The best queer things to do in Atlanta this weekend

LGBTQ events sizzle through summer as Atlanta moves into dog days. Step right up for this-week-only concerts, shows with special guests, an annual pursuit of the hirsute and more.