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Atlanta Prop 8 rally: ‘Still Here,’ still queer

It’s been a year since California voters approved a ban on gay marriage. The clarion call reached Atlanta, and Saturday’s local rally, “Prop 8: One Year Later," is set to remind us how far we’ve come.    READ MORE »

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Gay activist sparks flap in mayor’s race

An Atlanta LGBT activist and campaign veteran is swatting down what he says are suggestion that mayoral candidate Mary Norwood bought his support or promised him a job in her administration.    READ MORE »

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Georgia Equality takes a pass on mayor’s race

UPDATED | 4:08 p.m. With Georgia Equality's candidate in the mayoral race–Lisa Borders–now out, the statewide gay rights group says they've got no dog left in this fight as the runoff nears.    READ MORE »

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Ousted candidate backs Alex Wan in District 6

It's turning out to be a little like "The Twelve Days of Christmas" for Alex Wan and his campaign for the District 6 post on the Atlanta City Council. The endorsements keep rolling in.    READ MORE »

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Wan gets nod from Victory Fund for District 6

The hits keep coming for Alex Wan, the gay businessman and non-profit executive who placed first last week in a crowded field for the District 6 post on the Atlanta City Council.    READ MORE »

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Wan distances campaign from new endorsement

UPDATED | 1:41 p.m. Alex Wan, with two key endorsements already in hand since he topped the field in the District 6 race last week, is putting some distance between him and a third public backing.    READ MORE »

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Buckhead business group backs Alex Wan

Alex Wan, showing he's tapped into a base larger than just the gay residents of District 6, received the backing of an influential Buckhead business group to help fuel his runoff with Liz Coyle.    READ MORE »

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Steve Brodie wants to party like it’s 2005

To the victor belong the spoils and to the loser? Snark. Steve Brodie, the gay man who nearly dethroned Anne Fauver in 2005, placed fourth this time, leaving some scratching their heads in disbelief.    READ MORE »

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Norwood or Reed to get a boost from the gays?

Two gay candidates could help draw LGBT residents to the polls for the Dec. 1 runoffs and the two mayoral candidates left standing may duke it out for those votes.    READ MORE »

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Georgia Equality backs Alex Wan in runoff

The board of Georgia Equality, which sat out the crowded race for the District 6 post on the Atlanta City Council, has unanimously backed Alex Wan, who placed first on Tuesday and is headed to a runoff.    READ MORE »

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5 gay candidates win, 9 lose, 2 head to runoffs

UPDATED | 2:50 p.m. More LGBT candidates lost than won in metro Atlanta Tuesday. But in two key races, gay candidates qualified for runoffs and five hopefuls won, including three incumbents.    READ MORE »

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Wan, four others win while seven gays lose

UPDATED | 12:15 a.m. Gay candidate Alex Wan won a crowded race for the District 6 post on the Atlanta City Council, but is headed to a runoff. Four other LGBT candidates also won their races Tuesday.    READ MORE »

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Kyle Keyser makes runoff with Borders—jk

If you're a fan of Fox 5, you got a sneak peek into the results of the Atlanta mayor's race hours before the polls close, which put gay-friendly Lisa Borders in a runoff with gay challenger Kyle Keyser.    READ MORE »

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Pols in Pride parade get creative to snag votes

Some walked, others rode. At least one ran. But there they were stumping for LGBT votes. And we've got awards for the most creative use of props by politicians and candidates in the Atlanta Pride parade.    READ MORE »

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Borders gets donation from anti-gay pastor

Lisa Borders, among a trio of gay-friendly candidates at the top of the race to become Atlanta mayor, received contributions from an architect of the military's ban on gays and an anti-gay megachurch pastor.    READ MORE »

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Norwood gets donation from anti-gay Republican

Mary Norwood, a leading contender in a gay-friendly field for Atlanta mayor, received a contribution from a former Georgia attorney general who took his fight against gay rights to the U.S. Supreme Court.    READ MORE »

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Simone Bell’s campaign cash advantage

Simone Bell, who could make LGBT electoral history on Tuesday, hit the final days of her state House campaign in strong shape. But gay activists say now is not the time to rest.    READ MORE »

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Johnny Sinclair ups list of gay candidates to 15

The number of LGBT candidates on the ballot now stands at 15, though as Johnny Sinclair seeks to reclaim his Marietta post he does so with personal financial problems playing out publicly as he campaigns.    READ MORE »

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Alex Wan rallies supporters with block party

With just a handful of days left until Election Day, Alex Wan wanted to rally his supporters. What better way to do it than join the popular Sunday afternoon cocktail hour at Zocalo.    READ MORE »

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Log Cabin backs three more in Atlanta races

The Georgia Log Cabin Republicans expanded its roster of endorsed candidates on Sunday, adding three gay candidates to its list of three others it's previously stamped with a seal of approval.    READ MORE »