10 LGBTQ issues facing whoever we elect in Georgia on Nov. 6

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There’s one coalition of dedicated staff and volunteers actively fighting for queer rights in our state every single day.

On Election Day, the officials they engage in conversation the rest of the year are up to us.

“Georgia Equality represents a large and diverse group of individuals across a wide array of issues,” the organization says on its website.

Here are 10 core challenges to have top-of-mind for Georgia when you’re at the polling station, including Georgia Equality’s take on the issue.

Find out more atgeorgiaequality.org/issues.

Youth & Safe Schools

Nearly 9 in 10 LGBT students report experiencing harassment within the last school year, and 3 in 10 report missing a class – or even a whole day of school – because they felt unsafe.

Basic Civil Rights v. ‘Religious Freedom’

Georgia residents are among the most vulnerable in the nation — lacking explicit protections from discrimination for people based on sexual orientation and/or gender identity. GE is increasingly concerned with religions exemption laws that target LGBTQcitizens in false pretense, as religious liberty is already enshrined in the U.S. Constitution.

Employment Non-Discrimination

For perspective, Georgia doesn’t even have a law that prevents private employers from discriminating on the basis of an employee’s race. To put it plainly, you can legally be fired in Georgia without recourse for being gay, bi, trans or gender non-conforming.

Discrimination in Business & Services

For a similar perspective, our state doesn’t even have a law that prevents local businesses from refusing service to patrons because of their religion. A queer customer in Georgia has no legal protections from discrimination based on one or more LGBTQ identities.


There is no law in Georgia preventing landowners fromrefusing to rent or sell to our citizens based on their sexual orientation or gender identity.

Community Safety

Georgia is 1 of only 5 states that does not have a state hate crimes law. GE continues to work with our coalition partners to pass this important legislation.

LGBTQ Parental Rights

Gay and transgender people become parents in diverse ways including adoption, technology, and previous heterosexual relationships. Georgia’s current laws create barriers for LGBTQ families from the same protections that other families receive.

Marriage & Relationships

Georgia Equality offers resources on obtaining a marriage license, filing joint tax returns, a list of federal benefits for married same-sex couples as part of the Why Marriage Matters in Georgia campaign.

HIV Advocacy

Over 50,000 Georgians are living with HIV, and an average of 3,000 are newly diagnosed each year. Our state ranks sixthin number of people living with HIV, second in new diagnoses, and thirdin people living with an AIDS diagnosis. The only growing category of those infected is men who have sex with me, and60% of black gay and bisexual men in Atlanta are expected to become infected with HIV before they are 30.

Transgender Advocacy

As part of TransAction Georgia, Georgia Equality seeks tobuild relationships within the transgender community with focus of building leadership and independence,provide training to businesses on LGBTQ coworkers, advocate for laws and policies that include gender identity and gender expression, and expand trans awareness and visibility.

Source: georgiaequality.org

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