Half of Houston wants to get sacked by JJ Watt. We get that. But the big blond beefcake turning heads all over town inspires at least one teen boy crush for more reasons than just his mountain of muscle.

Watt (photo) makes the Houston Texans proud every week, and he makes Houston gays swoon every day with his shirtless perfection. But it’s his perfect package of philanthropy and huge heart that gets Jeremy Brener’s motor running, the high school student writes on OutSports.

Whether it is his magazine cover abs or his $100 million smile or his infectious personality, he really is the total package. A two-time defensive player of the year in his first four seasons, it is amazing to be able to watch him play. He's a master of his craft, and he is a once-in-a-lifetime player.

He also means so much to my Houston community. When he isn't on the field, he's giving paralyzed kids hope for a better future, or he is holding a charity softball game, or he's playfully "marrying" little 6-year-old girls. … he visited [hospitalized] children constantly. …

That's why I have such a crush on J.J. Watt. His No. 1 goal is to make the world a better place, his second goal is to win. That's the sign of a hot player and great man to me.

Hot player is right. He’s 6’6” of pure hotness. But we digress. No. 1 fan Brener also posts his NFL analysis and predictions each week on the gay sports site, but now we’ll just imagine his private dreams go something like this giddy kid in a recent American Family ad.