Houston anti-gay crank Steven Hotze won't give up his quest to have Texas defy a U.S. Supreme Court ruling legalizing gay marriage, now taking his fight to the airwaves and asking for your cash to help.

Hotze (image) and his Conservative Republicans of Texas unleashed a TV and radio advertising campaign on Tuesday to pressure Gov. Greg Abbott into calling lawmakers back to Austin for a special session to fight gay marriage. Hotze wants legislators to pass a measure from state Rep. Cecil Bell that would defy an expected Supreme Court ruling legalizing gay marriage in the 13 states, like Texas, that don't yet have marriage equality. 

Bell's proposal flopped and in its wake, Abbott refused to call a special session to consider it again. 

Hotze is incredulous that Texas lawmakers won't stand with him to oppose a "lawless Supreme Court ruling on marriage."

"Gov. Abbott and the Republican leadership caved to the homosexual political movement and its cheerleader, the Texas Association of Business, and failed to pass legislation to preserve state sovereignty and the marriage amendment," Hotze's 60-second radio spot says. (Listen below)

He keeps up the pressure on Abbott in a 30-second television ad. 

"Call Gov. Abbott and tell him to keep his promise and call a special session to defend the Texas marriage amendment," the ad says. (Watch below) 

Hotze says the ads started airing in markets across Texas on Tuesday, though it's not clear on which stations. He says $60,000 was raised for the campaign and asked supporters to donate another $65,000.

"The issue is not about equality, rather is about redefining marriage," Hotze says in announcing the campaign.

"If marriage is redefined, then individuals, churches, schools and business will be forced, under the penalty of law, to accept, affirm and celebrate those who practice homosexual behavior, which is sodomy. It would be mandated that homosexual activities be taught as normal and wholesome to children in the schools, starting in kindergarten. This will make it easier for children to be recruited into the homosexual lifestyle. The homosexual political movement is attempting to create sexual and moral anarchy in our society. Our religious freedoms and right of free speech will be undermined. Biblical Christianity will be criminalized," he adds.

And we thought Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick really hated gay marriage for Texas.

[h/t @bobbycervantes]