You can get much gayer with your Georgia license plate

You can proclaim "GAY PWR" on your license plate, but keep it classy LGBTQ Georgians. The state still bans some gay-related phrases on its vanity plates when they get too sexy or a little too offensive. 

But for the most part, the state Department of Revenue – the agency that oversees license plates in Georgia – is way more LGBTQ-friendly than it was in 2013. That's when gay hair stylist Cyrus Gilbert sued to have "GAY PWR" displayed on his Honda CRV.

Gilbert won and the state changed its policies that put at least 90 gay slogans on a list of banned vanity plates. Slurs are still taboo, as are obscenities and references to sexual acts. So no "GAYSEX."

But otherwise, you and your vanity plate can be real gay. Go ahead "HOMO" and check for yourself. The AJC created a searchable database with the 8,000-plus items that are banned from vanity plates in the state. 

We did a spot check of the 90 LGBTQ-related phrases that were banned in 2013 and then allowed after Gilbert's lawsuit. Four years later and you can still snatch them for your "LEZI" and "GAYBOI" selves.

While the state won't allow you to be too gay sexy on your plate – sorry braggadocious "BIGDICK" but save that for Grindr – it also bans the haters. So no "FAG" or "IH8FAGS." "HOMO" is ok, but not "NOHOMO."

The banned list includes nothing related to "lesbian" though "TOPLEZ" is prohibited. "TRANS" also has no banned varieties. "HIV" and "POZ" are also allowed.

Careful how you navigate with "STR8." Getting too sexy will get your request banned – "STR8FKN," "STR8JKT" and "STR8SXY" are prohibited.

Take a look at the banned phrases we discovered and then see what you can find on your own.