VIEW MORE PHOTOS | Sports Page Reunion Party @ Heretic

imageLong before it was packed with guys as the Heretic, the gay hotspot on Cheshire Bridge Road was the Sports Page, and lesbians of a certain age remembered it well at Saturday’s Sports Page Reunion.

“The original location with all your girlfriends from the ‘good old days,’” was all former staffers and patrons needed to hear on the event invitation. RSVP responses like “A room full of lesbians my age! Damn that would be a dream come true,” ensured that the trip down memory lane drew the women in droves to their old haunt.

imageAn afternoon cookout led directly into after-dark dancing to the sounds of yore and a group Shuffle led by KD the DJ. This is the second time the reunion brought old friends together, and the events are so successful, they created souvenir posters and t-shirts for the occasion.

The Heretic’s Alan Collins welcomed the ladies with open arms and joined in the festivities. As the clock struck 10 o’clock, Heretic’s 3 Legged Cowboy Night brought more people into the bar to mix with the ones that were there all day.

Heretic returns to your regularly scheduled program this week, including Thursday’s 3 Legged Cowboy Night , and the traveling Bearracuda Atlanta on Saturday.

Photos by Brent Corcoran, RNZ Photography