When it comes to bareback sex, gay men can’t seem to finish where they started. And if a condom is involved, it’s likely the good times are rolling at home and not in the car.

That’s two of the interesting bullet points from what’s being billed as the largest-ever study of gay men and condom use recollecting their safe and unsafe—you know, the barebacking—sexual practices.

Researchers at George Mason University and Indiana University teamed up with Online Buddies—the same folks who showed that you like blow jobs more than butt sex—to quiz the gays about their most recent single sexual event. Some of what they found goes against conventional wisdom. Or it proves that gay men, when asked questions about their dick size or sex, will lie.

• A slim 2.5 percent said that ejaculation occurred in either their own or their sexual partner’s ass without a condom.

• Men were more likely to use a condom during sex in their partner’s home or a hotel compared to other locations, including their vehicles.

• Rates of condom use were highest among men ages 18–24. (That’s surprising, given that young gays see some of the highest rates of new HIV cases.)

• Men who identified as black, Hispanic and Asian were all significantly more likely than those who identified as white to report a condom being used. (Yet black gay men account for a disproportionate share of HIV cases.)

• Single guys were significantly more likely to use a condom during sex than men in a relationship. (Note to coupled gays: Your man cheats.)

Would a condom imprinted with a bear help?