Kick-starting the Sunday text tree and gathering your gays may be the longest standing tradition in a gay Atlanta that sees trends come and go. But which eateries do fickle gay tastemakers currently place at the top?

And how do you choose? The gayest crowd, the best food, a signature dish or cocktail? Besides you and your friends, just what makes brunch so damn gay?

For more than a decade, Einstein’s has been packing in the gays – and increasingly, the gay-adjacent straights—for breakfast food at lunch time. Over the last several years, we’ve seen Radial and Roxx swap places back-and-forth with Einstein’s in perennial gay polls. Places like the Fifth Ivory, Las Margaritas and more have taken over their piece of Atlanta’s gay brunch pie, too, and lesbian-owned Highland Bakery was just named an Atlanta “elite” brunch.

With all the players on the field, the choices seem endless. We confess that it’s hard to keep up with you gay tastemakers, so our Queery this time is two-fold:

Queery: Who serves the gayest brunch in Atlanta, and what is the one dish, cocktail or side item that you can’t live without?

Queery is a feature in which we ask Project Q readers to leave their comments and choices—on Facebook, Twitter (hashtag #pqaqueery), Google+ and in the comments section below this post—about an issue of the day, pressing question or something that’s just fun and provocative. We’ll collect the best answers, and yours may be used in a follow up post.