The straight girls have a love affair with our gay bars. But it’s not always a mutual attraction. So we Queeried you for suggestions on how the straight gals should act in their favorite gay bars. You responded with enthusiasm.

Corey Lovins offered this advice on Facebook, though we’re not really sure what bar he’s been drinking in:

Don’t carry giant inflatable dolls with huge penises and make them crowd surf.

jr commented on the post:

Don’t give us attitude! I don’t like getting it from other gays but I can handle that because (unfortunately) that’s just how some gays are to each other…BUT when a straight girl is giving gays attitude I CANT STAND THAT! This ain’t your turf—lose the ‘tude!

Lil’ Lesszie tweeted this:

gay bars may be a refuge from creepy guys, but plz keep your shirt on. you’re making the lesbians uncomfortable #pqaqueery

David J. Fought broke it down on Facebook:

Tip the queens, tip the bartender, leave the suitcase-size purse at home, hold your liquor and just have fun!!

Ryan_G offered this:

Tie that hair up and don’t hit me with it or dip it in my drink.

Robert Hofman suggested a 2-feet rule on Facebook:

Stay within 2-foot of the gay that brought you and leave the rest of us the hell alone!

Clay tweeted this:

if you’re gonna wear heels, please stay sober enough to walk in them without spilling your drink. #pqaqueery.

Niki Maita offered some commentary and then guidance on Facebook:

I think straight and gay women have just as much right to be in a gay male bar as gay men have to be in a straight bar. Otherwise it’s reverse prejudice… that’s not being very proactive. Wth.

There are just a few rules to follow. I agree with the majority that’s been posted. I’d like to add that being a catty bitch isn’t flattering… and if you’re gonna be like that, keep it off the dance floor. It’s called a DANCE floor for a reason.

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