Watch video of WeHo bouncer punching and slurring gay patron, “Growing Pains” star says gay friends support his bigotry, president in depth on LGBT issues, spycam testimony builds against Rutgers roommate, DC approves gay divorce, and more LGBT headlines.

Obama calls out Congress in LGBT questionnaire. The Advocate sent out questions on gay issues to all of the 2012 presidential contenders. The president (top photo) is the only one who responded, with nods to his achievements and goals, as well as a scolding of Republicans.

Minnesota school district settles suit on bullying gay students. After changing its policies amid a firestorm of attention for its way-high LGBT suicide rate, the Minneapolis-area school board partnered with the Department of Justice on a sweeping program, settling a lawsuit brought by six former and current gay students.

DC bill allows non-resident gays to get divorced. Washington, D.C., City Council members on Tuesday approved an ordinance that allows gay couples who wed in the city to get divorced even if they don’t live there, as long as their home state doesn’t recognize their marriage.

Some of Kirk Cameron’s best friends are gay. Lashing back at critics of his CNN comments that gay is “unnatural” and married gays are “destructive,” the former “Growing Pains” star (second photo) says even his gay friends support his right to spew bigotry.

Rutgers witness: Tyler Clementi knew he was a target. In the trial against Clementi’s roommate on spying, intimidation and other charges, a detective revealed that Clementi visited his roommate’s Twitter page 38 times and saved messages that confirm he recorded Clementi “making out with a dude” and told friends how to watch it. Jurors also heard of text messages from the roommate urging a friend to watch and to “keep the gays away.” Clementi committed suicide the next day.

Omaha hearings on gay protections get heated. The city council heard five hours of testimony on an ordinance that would add sexual orientation and gender identity to the city’s anti-discrimination policy. Dozens of people packed the council chambers.

And the JFK Profile in Courage Award goes to… ousted Iowa judges! Voters reacted to the state Supreme Court approving marriage for gay couples by not re-electing the three judges that voted for it. The John F. Kennedy Library salutes them for the decision that cost their jobs.

CBS dumps Ilene Chaiken pilot. “The L Word” creator was working on “Quean” for the network. The show about a female hacker was dubbed too much like “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.”

Bouncer beats gay man in West Hollywood. Cameras caught the bouncer (bottom photo) yelling “cocksucker” and punching the restrained, inebriated man outside a bar after an apparent fight. Video of the incident has caused outrage. Watch:

Obama photo via Advocate; Cameron photo from CNN; WeHo still from YouTube