By now the rock-hard assets of former pro rugby jock, current model and forever LGBT ally Nick Youngquest are well known to you. If you haven’t had the pleasure, let us introduce you via his latest cover spread for an international gay magazine.

In the latest winter issue of gay fashion glossy Dorian, the Australian rugby stud covers all the topics we want to know.

“Mum says I was always nude as a kid. So maybe I have carried that through into my older age.”

See? What else did you need to know? Oh right. Maybe it’s his work for gay lockerroom equality with out gay buddy and pro stud Gareth Thomas. Or maybe it’s how he gets totally naked with no qualms. Maybe it’s his prior visits as our daily beef in the Morning Fix. We were all over Nick in his teeny bikini, his quest to strip off, and his spread with Ben Cohen and other gay ally rugby hunks.

Well, he’s back and vying for the attention of gay fans. We’re happy to oblige.

Photos by Joseph Sinclair for Dorian.